Mission & Vision

At Five M, general waste collection is synonymous with customized solutions and timely service. You will have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of containers that best suit your requirements; moreover you will be well informed about the progress of your projects via an intelligent service planning mechanism that responds to your needs and follows up on the execution, to make sure your project is delivered on time. Thus, our mission is:

  • To transfer “absolute” garbage and recyclables to the appro priate facilities until our goal of zero waste is achieved
  • To maintain and operate a waste diversion and recycling facil ity, for the benefit of residents, visitors, local businesses and the environment
  • To manage the diversion, recycling and reuse of the waste in a way that is consistent with, or superior to, applicable govern ment regulations, including environmental, health and safety
  • To ensure ongoing public consultation and communication among all residents and business operators To promote community education and support for continued waste reduction, reuse and recycling toward the goal of zero waste
  • To measure progress toward the goal of zero waste and revise practices